Religious desecration

Civil mutilation

Screaming Lord Jim
You worship a dead man hung with nails
Only a fool would die for the sins of humanity

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You say your my friend
You say "I know you"
I trust you just as far as I can throw you

Well I don't know you you
I know my enemies
They show themselves to me with honest eyes

They hate my guts
but at least it's the truth
I'll trust them just as far as I can throw them off a roof


HELLS HEADBANGERS -Click to enter Hellfire!!
1970, 2 man advantage, 3rd bass, ac\dc, ace frehley, alice cooper, angel witch, at the gates, atomic rooster, bathory, beethoven, bjork, black metal, black sabbath, blood duster, blue cheer, boulder, burzum, cactus, captain beyond, carcass, carnivore, celtic frost, classic rock, clockwork orange, danko jones, dark funeral, darkthrone, death metal, death side, deep purple, devotchkas, doom metal, drug free, edward gorey, emperor, england, exodus, exploding hearts, fantomas, foom, forward, frank black, frank zappa, gary moore, girlschool, halford, hanson brothers, hard rock, hellhammer, ice cube, if, immortal, in flames, inepsy, infamous scientists, iron maiden, jeffery dahmer, jim goad, john bonham, judas priest, k.u.k.l., kiss, klark kent, kreator, led zeppelin, lord sutch, macabre, mahavishnu orchestra, mastodon, mc5, melvins, minutemen, missing persons, moof, moral crux, mothers of invention, motley crue, motorhead, motorhead usa, n.w.a., n.w.o.b.h.m., negativeland, nektar, neurosis, new york city, no means no, nomeansno, obscure music, opeth, pentagram, peter criss, phil lynott, pitbulls, plasmatics, poison idea, possessed, radio 4, radio birdman, ramones, ray condo, record collecting, roky erikson, rollins band, rose tattoo, roxy music, run dmc, satanic slaughter, saxon, screaming lord sutch, sheer terror, slade, slapshot, slayer, soilent green, spaceboy, spirit caravan, stoner rock, sugarcubes, t rex, talking to molly, tattoos, the 99's, the feederz, the freeze, the haunted, the kills, the obsessed, the pixies, the police, the ramones, the runaways, the spits, the stripes, the young ones, thin lizzy, today is the day, unsane, vanilla fudge, venom, voivod, whiplash, wicked lester, wino, winter, witchery, x, yesterday and today, yob, zappa