Screaming Lord Jim (sssocialservice) wrote,
Screaming Lord Jim

Lee Altomare

I seriously can't take this..
I have been sitting here trying to type out something but I am drawing a total blank...
I met you back in the KYI were always a little wise ass..
You were always cracking some sort of bad which only you would laugh..
You would help out bands no one has ever heard of..and even if it was at Rockstar bar with a busted would find a way to make the show happen..even if you had to have someone sing through a guitar amp..
You wore your shirts way too big..
You would always send me bands over Instant Message..most of them started with "GOAT" (Goat Penis was the last one you sent me)
We busted your chops when you would say retarded things. and you took it like a man and gave it right back.
You had some vile habits only people would do in private.
You always talked about different types of music..but it always came back to some obscure grind band somehow.
You wondered why people liked your band..You took care of things when you had to.
You were a good natured person who cared for his friends (even if you didn't show it)
You showed concern when my brother passed away and for that I will forever be grateful..
It's all of these things that made you the person that we all knew and loved..and why I will miss you, my friend...
R.I.P. Lee Altomare 1976-2010..
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