Screaming Lord Jim (sssocialservice) wrote,
Screaming Lord Jim

When it's time to Die

Back in 1978,my family and I went on a trip to California. Los Angeles to be exact. It was one of the first trips that I can actually remember being on. I sure it was not the first one because there are plenty of photographs of others.
I remember the trip being really fun, We went to Disneyland,which was probably the first time I had ever been on a Roller coaster. I do not recall being frightened, actually I remember it being quite amazing. I probably didn't know what was going on.
We also went to visit my grandparents in which my grandmother was visiting her sister (my aunt) out there. I barely remember that my aunt lived in a trailer but it was really nice. They had an old dog which I enjoyed walking. I walked him down on the docks by the water. He was a sweet dog, but he had trouble walking so you needed patience while walking him.
I'm sure there were other things that happened on that trip but the event leading up to them are kinda blurry.
But one thing that did happen that is not blurry at all happened at the airport.
As we were about to load onto the plane, my father was in his usual stressed out manner. Of course this would really affect things when a Krisna approached us at the gate and offered us a book called "Bhagavad Gita As It Is".
I will never forget the name of that book for reasons following.
Of course my dad being in typical dad manor told them to leave us alone, that we had no money. Of course as I later learned they only want a donation for the book. Of course my dad declined in dad fashion and we board the plane.
About 20 minutes into the flight we get an announcement over the PA stating we were returning to LAX.
What could the problem be? Did the pilot forget his wallet or flying permit?
A couple of stewardesses asked my dad for his help with something in something.
Apparently we were going to make an emergency landing back at LAX and they asked my dad for help on something. Possibly opening the door when landed.
Were we going to make a water landing, like I have seen pictures of in the phamphlet? Will we be floating around in the ocean. Come on,The way we were flying we were over land. At least this is what I was led to believe at age 7. I think they just wanted to cover all basis. We were obviously going to be sliding down some sort of ramp to get out once landed.
People were extremley calm for something that could possibly end our lives. So how bad could it be.
Then we were asked to put our seat belts on and remain in our seats. What the hell was going on? No one was sharing with me. I was just enjoying all the excitement.
As a little bit of time past we were now asked to place out heads down between our legs and clasp our hands behind our heads. Sure, but still have no idea what is going on. But this was fun.
I peek out the window and see the ground coming up closer and closer.
Finally we touch down on the runway back at LAX and people go balistic in happiness.
I look out the window again and see ambulances and firetrucks speeding around heading towards the plane.
Well now that I know we are safe I needed to know what the hell happened.So I asked my dad.
Apparently there was a hole in the wing. I'm no flight engineer but something told me back then, that isn't safe. THERE WAS A HOLE IN THE WING!!!
I think I might have been too young to realize that we could have all been killed.

Back in the terminal the Krisna approached us again and this time my dad bought the book.

I don't remember how long we waited to get another flight but I am sure I read that book cover to cover (even if I didn't understand one word of it)
I do,however, remember what movie they were playing on the flight back home.
My dad approached the stewardesses and asked them if they knew what happened to all the people that were on the flight.
The stewardess did not know..of course but my father promptly told her that they were on a plane that had an emergency landing.
Then He asked her if she knew how the movie they were playing ended?
Once again she did not know.
My dad said
Well, that's The BUDDY HOLLY story and he dies in a plane crash.
The stewardess mouth dropped open and put another movie on.
This flight was a lot smoother than the last one..and we got back to 1648 Dewey ave just fine.

Back at school we got to write about what we did on our time off. No ones story compared..
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