Screaming Lord Jim (sssocialservice) wrote,
Screaming Lord Jim


Last night my computer died, which I don't know if it's a bad thing or not.
It gave me a chance to do some stuff that I wouldn't have done other wise. I finally put 2000 Lps into the shelves that I got last year, so they are no longer on the floor.
I did however get out for a nice walk in the cold yesterday which made me see many things which I haven't seen in about 20+ years.
On my walk I have seen buildings for SALE, stores CLOSING DOWN, or already closed down.
I know our economy is in the toilet right now, but this is a serious matter. Some of these stores have been there for ages.
I also noticed that when I was buying groceries that some of the stuff (mainly the more healthy stuff) had gone up in price.
Where are we going to be next year. Are we going to be going into another great depression.
Good thing I have a little bit of money saved up so I can survive this "depression" but what happens when it all runs out and no one can find a job?
Will crime in NYC be on the rise again? Will NYC look the same as it did in the 70s?
It's a scary thought to think it will.
It seems that all these people, mainly NYU students, are walking around with their heads in the clouds thinking everything is ok..and OBAMA is the next saviour.
Well I certianly hope he's just not another pretty face, because right now we are headed for a fucked situation.And there doesn't seem to be much of an end in sight!!
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