Screaming Lord Jim (sssocialservice) wrote,
Screaming Lord Jim

Top 5 Lps of 2008

Well here we have come to the end another god awful year but there has been some good music turned out this year.

5- Metallica- Death Magnetic
I am putting this as one of my top entries because at first when I first heard the song they had playing on the radio, I did not like it. I thought it was just old Metallica just trying t rehash what they have been. But I gave it another listen when I purchased the LP a couple months ago and began to enjoy it more and more.
Over all it's a pretty solid Lp from start to finish. I am not saying it's as good as Ride The Lightning.I all it the best come back Lp of the decade (considering they broke up after And Justice for all..)

4- Hanson Brothers-It's a Living (live Lp)
I am probably one of the only people to put this on a top 5 of 2008. I am adding them to my top 5 because I am a long standing fan of this band. I have traveled to Canada to see them play and they put on a great show live. And this Lp proves it. Blasting out songs from the 3 Lps they have released (My game,Sudden Death and Gross Misconduct) as well as a couple of surprises. The Cd comes with an added bonus of how to brew beer.

3-Black Anvil Cd
Another band I was skeptical to hear when I first heard who was in the band. Nothing bad but the fact it has members of Kill Your Idols I figured it was gonna be a joke..Holy shit was I surprised. When I saw them I was still a bit skeptical but that quickly changed. The Lp is solid Lp and why I am putting this in my top 5. Fans of CELTIC FROST take note. Black Anvil will not disapoint

2-2 Man Advantage- South of Canada
The long awaited Lp from these Hockey Punks has finally arrived. I remember going to a BBQ out on LI in 2004 and Rob driving drunk to his house just so I could hear the rough mix of this. 4 years later I finally got to hear the finished product. And it was well worth the wait. In my opinion it is their best release to date.

1- Triclops- Out of Africa
I think one other person will agree with me to why this Lp should be the 1 Lp of the year. This band features members of The Fleshies as well as Victims Family. From start to finish this Lp does not disappoint with songs such as Lovesong for the Botfly and Iraqui Curator. Great stuff

Honorable mention to the newest OPETH Lp "Watershed" and the newest Deathcycle Lp "PRELUDE TO TYRANNY"

So there you have it. If you want to go and buy some new Lps go then check out some of these.
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