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Vegetarian News

Living in NYC it is really easy these days to be a Vegetarian or even a vegan. With Health Food stores popping up all over the place as well as new Vegetarian restaurants.
Well, yesterday I walked down to my favorite vegi chinese food spot called Dang Lai Palace.
After sitting down I noticed there was a big difference in the place. The artwork had changed, the seating was a little different and the big one for me..The Staff changed.
I mean for most people who go out to eat, you never notice who is working in the place. But for a place that I would frequent more than once a month you notice these things and they get to know what you are going to order.
The new waiter approached me with not one but 2 menus. I opened the new one and noticed that it had a ton of new stuff in it. Upon investigating a little further I noticed they now have chicken,beef and seafood options...How could this be?
The canopy on the place says "Vegetarian". It ,however ,was not strict vegetarian anymore.
I looked at the menu that I am used to and ordered a vegetarian lunch special which was exactly how I remembered it.
I can only wonder why the change happened. My only guess is that they weren't getting the business that they hoped they would once Zen Palate closed down a couple years ago. They needed to bring in a different crowd. A crowd that isn't the type of crowd I want to be a part of.
I love to support vegetarian restaurants of any sort. I have eaten in many new places in the past year or so that appear to be doing very well.
The thing about Vegetarians/Vegans is that we will walk miles for a good meal.
Some of the amazing restaurants I have eaten at in the past couple years

1.Sacred Chow. this place is 100% amazing..and it's such a mellow atmosphere. The food is never hit or miss to me. They have great lunch specials and it's not priced too high. My favorite is the Power Bowl lunch which includes BBQ Seitan,Soba Noodles and Collards..sometimes followed by a Vegan Cupcake or the truffle cake. 100% Vegan and amazing waitstaff

2. Candle Cafe.Since being turned onto this place a couple years ago and being told that the Cajun Seitan Sandwich was the best in the city. Of course, go in there with an appetite because you will need it.

3.Candle 79. The Big Sister restaurant to candle cafe. a little more upscale than candle cafe (hence the restaurant/cafe difference). They do have the most amazing brunch on the weekends. Of course if you have the room for it, they also have the most delicious vegan cannoli which my mom and my aunt said they were the best they have ever tasted in their lives. Yup, two hardcore Italians. Oh yeah..the Cannoli comes with a scoop of vegan ice cream on top..If you know nothing about this place I recommend looking at their menu on

4. Peacefood Cafe. Another cafe type place such as Candle Cafe but with a slightly smaller menu. The Tempeh Avocado sandwich is killer. tons of home made vegan cookies and cakes. as well as a full juice bar.

5. Soy And Sake. A friend of mine turned me onto this place about a year and 1/2 ago. It quickly became my favorite pan asian places to eat. Of course it's a little bit out of the way for me (7th ave south)but like I said. for good food a vegetarian/vegan will go anywhere.
It has been compared to the less enjoyable (but still good) VP2. From what I understand they now have vegan fried ice cream..can you say..fuck yeah??

There are a ton of other places I could name that I do not go to often enough but I should mention
2. Pure Food and Wine. I don't know why I don't go here more often. I ate in their cafe next to the restaurant and their deserts made by one lucky duck are off the hook. You wouldn't even think they were vegan.

3.Counter. The menu speaks for itself

So there you have it folks..This is one of the main reasons I love living in this city. So many options that are vegetarian/vegan friendly
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