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Well, It's been a while since I have updated with a real posting. But that's because there has really been nothing to update about. Until now.
Last night I went to see RATT at Nokia theater. Now before you laugh (if there is anyone reading this to actually make laugh) I saw RATT back in 1987 (March 20th to be exact) and this was well after the fact of them being interesting. Or even after the fact of me being into it.
A friend approached me in the hallway of high school and asked me if I wanted to go see RATT and POISON at Madison Square Garden. Of course my first response was..Hell fucking no..Then he mentioned it once more "Do you want to go see RATT and POISON for free tonight..I have an extra ticket?"
Of course this changes things a little bit so I took the ticket and went to the show and had a horrible time..Well, it was all about the timing with me. I was already going to see punk and hardcore bands at CBGBs so going to see things like this at MSG was out of the question. But since it was free, I figured I would go.
First POISON went on. I couldn't even tell you how they were. Im sure they sounded just like they did on the first Lp "Look what the cat Dragged in". It's not a bad Lp Just not the type of thing I was into at the time..I guess it's a hell of a lot better than Enuff Z Nuff.
Apparently this show was the one where Brett Michaels passed out on stage (because he's diabetic apparently) And it kinda went down in Poison history. Not that I follow Poison history but if I did write about it,It would be right there on PAGE 6.
I am getting off the topic a little bit because I didn't see POISON last night I saw RATT.So back to 1987.
I can't remember what songs that RATT did back then but I'm sure it consisted mostly of songs that were on the newest Lp "Dancing Under Cover".. It was not a bad Lp. but it was no "OUT OF THE CELLAR" which to me was right up there with "SHOUT AT THE DEVIL" by Motley Crue
The 2 big hits for them back in 87 were "Slip of the Lip" and "Body Talk". Again this show was so out of the ordinary for me to go to at this time so I think I might have actually fallen asleep.But I am kinda glad I went to see them, cause I can say I saw them when it kinda of mattered. I also remember talking to this girl who sat in front of us who was also into punk and hardcore.
So jump ahead 22 years later. My friend had won tickets on the Eddie Trunk show and we were going to see RATT again. This time they had a band that was even more horrible open up..EXTREME.
We get to Nokia about 9pm to find that not only did we have free tickets, but I believe the box office fucked up and gave us an extra one. But since every one got there early to see EXTREME (why?) we needed to get rid of the ticket.
Of course there was a point where we were going to give it back to the box office but since it was their fuck up I said let's just leave it in a bush for someone to find.
Then I saw someone who I kinda knew who looked like she was buying a ticket so I asked her if she needed one for cheaper. She told me no but her friend needed one.
She asked her friend who apparently didn't trust us so she paid the $40 (we were going to give it to her for $20)..I never said people who go to these shows were the brightest. What a fucking idiot. We ended up selling the ticket to this tourist who was interested in the show.
We headed into the club about 9:15. A club that was 1/2 full and most of them being middle aged and rocking out to EXTREME.
Ok, let me explain something about EXTREME. There is nothing..and I mean NOTHING EXTREME about them. Well, maybe there is..They are EXTREMELY GAY.
This is a band that came around way after the fact. This band was pure suckage of the late 80s early 90s. They wrote songs that catered to housewives who watched MTV all day. And there was nothing different about them today. They are still EXTREMELY GAY.
So we sat through 3 of their songs which included Gary Cherone humping the amps. It's no wonder than this guy never made it with VAN HALEN.
After laughing at EXTREME for a couple minutes,it was finally time to see what we had come for. It was time to RATT and ROLL again.
This time it was with 3 original members, Warren DeMartini, Steven Pearcy and Bobby Blotzer. Filling in for Robbin Crosby was Carlos Cavazo from Quiet Riot fame. Robbin passed away back in 2002. Filling in for Juan Croucier on Bass was a new guy Robbie Crane
They opened with songs I didn't really know. It didn't matter because I could sense the energy they had. For a band that has been playing for 30 years They didn't lack energy. I have seen punk bands that have been around 10 years and just stand there on stage..making me more tired than if I stayed home and slept.But RATT definitely did turn it out.
They blasted through hits such as LAY IT DOWN and YOU'RE IN LOVE from the Invasion of Your Privacy Lp as well as later songs I kind of recognized such as "Way Cool Jr." off of the Lp REACH THE SKY.
I did notice that Steven Pearcy was wearing a shirt that said "I <3 SNATCH" which I thought was funny. It's good to see that his sexist ways have not left his body from the days of old..and I loved it. Why change for the times?
Since it was their 25th anniversary of the release of OUT OF THE CELLAR they played it from start to finish. which was pretty much the reason why we went to the show.
I seriously felt like I was 13 again when they started to play some of these songs. Of course they played the whole Lp from start to finish. Of course the best ones being "Lack of Communication", "Back for More", "Wanted Man"..actually the whole fucking Lp is stellar. At least it was to me. Then again I grew up on this Lp so seeing them play it from start to finish was really important.
They ended with "ROUND AND ROUND" which was probably their biggest hit to date. Of course they did not have Milton Berle on stage.

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