Screaming Lord Jim (sssocialservice) wrote,
Screaming Lord Jim

Top 8 shows of 2008

I know it's 2009 but Im behind on everything

Top 8 shows of 2008

8-MELVINS - williamsburg music hall. Aug 13th 2008

7-LAIBACH - Irving Plaza September 30th 2008

6-BLUE OYSTER CULT-Irving Plaza Jan 25 2008

5-OPETH-Nokia Theater Sept.18th 2008

4-NEUROSIS and MASTODON at the Masonic Temple Jan 24th 2008

3-TRICLOPS-Lost and Found and Cake Shop (can't remember dates)

2-AC/DC-Madison Square Garden Nov.30th 2008

1-KING CRIMSON- Nokia Theater August 17th 2008
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